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Jefferey Hunter, LTC Certified

As a single living man away from home, protecting myself is a must. So when Justin informed me he was starting the LTC program, I jumped at the opportunity to not only support my brother but to also equip myself with tools to properly protect myself.  I had no idea how much necessary information I would learn, most importantly proper technique and a path forward to always improve my aim. Once you start training, you'll want to keep training, and Mecca Defense is the perfect way to start.


Verna Hall, LTC Certified

I am so glad I took Justin's LTC class! He was helpful every step of the way and the information I learned was amazing. I will definitely tell anyone looking to get certified to go to Mecca Defense!


James Newell, LTC Certified

To be honest I was hesitant to take the course due to mixed feelings about guns. Eventually I caved in and was amazed with all of the information I learned. The class pretty much debunked any misconceptions I had about gun laws and control as well as helped me to be comfortable with holding and shooting a fire arm. Justin is well knowledgeable and displays a high level of professionalism. Mecca Defense is the first place I'll send anyone looking to get certified.

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