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The Center of ALL Your Firearm Knowledge

and Training Needs!

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Dedicated to enriching and empowering the lives of  those that choose to not depend on anyone else for their protection.

Would you like to shoot a handgun, but you're not familiar with what to do or how to handle one? Have you thought about becoming a Texas License to Carry Permit Holder? Welcome to Mecca Defense, an up and coming business dedicated to training and helping those that are seeking to learn how to properly utilize a handgun for their safety as well as their loved ones. Our goal is to give our students the skills, knowledge and confidence they need in order to become successful and proficient shooters. Pistol instruction and License to Carry courses are just the beginning for Mecca Defense. Contact us to learn more!


Intro to Pistol (Basic Fundamentals) 

Our Introduction to Pistol Course takes you on a journey to provide you a true understanding of how one utilizes a firearm. Within the course, students will learn the basic fundamentals of how to efficiently and effectively utilize a firearm.  


Our License to Carry Certification course provides an in depth look at the laws, rules and regulations surrounding being able to carry in the Great State of Texas. To complete the course you must pass a written and shooting proficiency exam, scoring a 70 percentile or higher on both tests.

Preaching and Teaching

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